Telenor Quiz Today Answers – 17 November 2023 Telenor Quiz Answer

Telenor Quiz Answers Today:

Telenor Quiz Today Answers.On the 17th of November 2023, Telenor orchestrated a cognitive challenge, providing an avenue for participants to acquire gratuitous internet data. This intellectual contest was seamlessly integrated into the Telenor application, demanding adept responses to a quintet of inquiries.

Embedded within the My Telenor App is the “Evaluate Your Proficiency” quiz, a conduit for users to amass complimentary megabytes of cyber terrain by accurately unraveling a set of questions. Come the 17th of November 2023, users were afforded the opportunity to procure unrestrained data by adeptly navigating through the intricacies of the quiz.

How to get free MBs from My Telenor App:

  • Open My Telenor App.
  • Select “Test your skills” from the menu that displays on the left side of the screen.
  • There are 05 questions in front of you, and you have to answer them correctly.
  • After Submitting your answers you will be rewarded with 50 or 100 Mbs daily.

Telenor Quiz Today Answers

Question 1: How many years old is the Great Wall of China?

  • 200 years
  • 500 years
  • 20,000 years
  • 3000 years

Answer: 3000 years

Question 2: Pyramids of Giza are located in which country?

  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • China
  • USA

Answer: Egypt

Question 3: Which Wonder of the World held Gladiator fights?

  • Pyramids
  • Taj Mahal
  • Petra
  • Colosseum

Answer: Colosseum

Question 4: How long is The Great Wall of China?

  • 15,000 km
  • 21,196 km
  • 13,426 km
  • 5640 km

Answer: 21,196 km

Question 5: What is the height of the Great Pyramid?

  • 139m
  • 100m
  • 55m
  • 231m

Answer: 139m


Congratulations on mastering the Telenor Quiz for November 17, 2023! We hope this journey enhanced your knowledge and provided an enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for more quiz adventures, and remember – learning is a lifelong adventure.

Q: Can I participate in the Telenor Quiz multiple times in a day?

A: Yes, Telenor allows participants to engage in the quiz multiple times, providing a chance to enhance knowledge.

Q: Are there any rewards for consistently participating in Telenor Quizzes?

A: Telenor often rewards frequent participants with exciting prizes and incentives.

Q: How can I stay updated on upcoming Telenor Quiz themes?

A: Follow Telenor’s official social media channels for regular updates on quiz themes and schedules.

Q: Can I use external resources to find Telenor Quiz answers?

A: While it’s a solo endeavor, using external resources is allowed, making it a collaborative learning experience.

Q: Are Telenor Quiz questions randomly generated, or do they follow a specific pattern?

A: Telenor Quiz questions are carefully curated, offering a balanced mix of topics to cater to a diverse audience.

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