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Explore the latest job positions advertised by a leading Marketing Company in Karachi. From anchor to sales staff, discover diverse vacancies. Learn about educational qualifications, application deadlines, and essential skills for success. Apply by December 2, 2023, and kickstart your career in the vibrant city of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

In this detailed guide, we delve into the exciting job opportunities offered by a prominent Marketing Company in Karachi. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, there’s a role for everyone. Let’s explore each vacancy, educational qualifications required, application deadlines, and the skills that can set you apart.

Marketing Company invites applications for job positions advertised in daily Jang dated 30 October 2023 for the following vacancies in Karachi, Karachi Sindh Pakistan.


Embark on a thrilling career as an anchor with our Marketing Company. From hosting events to presenting compelling content, this role demands charisma and effective communication skills. Dive into the world of media and make a lasting impact.

What the Role Entails

Become the face of our company, delivering engaging content to captivate audiences.


Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication or relevant field.

How to Apply

Submit your resume and a demo reel showcasing your hosting skills.

Bike Rider

Join our dynamic team as a bike rider, ensuring swift and secure delivery of essential items. This role requires agility, responsibility, and a thorough knowledge of Karachi’s streets.


Efficient and timely delivery of packages.


Matriculation and a valid motorcycle license.

Application Process

Submit your application along with a copy of your license.

Telephone Operator

Step into the role of a telephone operator, connecting our clients with the information they seek. This position demands excellent communication skills and a customer-centric approach.


Handle incoming calls and redirect them to the appropriate department.

Educational Requirements

Intermediate education with proficiency in English and Urdu.

Apply Now

Send your resume with a cover letter detailing your communication skills.


Capture the essence of our events and campaigns as a cameraman. Bring creativity to life through your lens and contribute to our visual storytelling.

Key Responsibilities

Shoot, edit, and produce high-quality videos.


Diploma in Videography or relevant field.

Application Submission

Share your portfolio along with your resume.


Elevate our brand presence by joining as a merchandiser. Showcase your creativity in visual merchandising and contribute to attracting our target audience.

Job Responsibilities

Design and implement visually appealing product displays.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field.

How to Apply

Submit your portfolio and resume.

Marketing Manager

Lead our marketing initiatives as a Marketing Manager. Drive strategy, build campaigns, and contribute to the overall success of our brand.

Managerial Responsibilities

Develop and execute marketing plans.

Educational Qualifications

BBA or MBA in Marketing.

Apply Today

Send your CV along with a cover letter outlining your strategic approach.

Real Estate Marketing Officer

Dive into the dynamic world of real estate marketing. Join us as a Marketing Officer and contribute to the growth of our real estate portfolio.

Core Responsibilities

Promote real estate projects through various marketing channels.


Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management or equivalent.

Application Process

Submit your resume and a brief on your marketing achievements.

Online Marketing Officer

Embrace the digital realm as an Online Marketing Officer. Develop and implement online strategies to enhance our brand visibility.


Manage online campaigns and analyze performance.


Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or relevant field.

Apply Now

Submit your application with a summary of your online marketing experience.

Accounts Clerk

Ensure financial accuracy as an Accounts Clerk. Join us in maintaining precise financial records and contributing to our financial success.

Job Duties

Handle basic accounting tasks and assist in financial reporting.

Educational Requirements

B.Com or equivalent qualification.

Application Submission

Send your resume and a cover letter highlighting your accounting skills.


Become the voice of our company as a reporter. Cover events, conduct interviews, and bring our stories to the public.

Reporting Responsibilities

Write and present news stories.


Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or relevant field.

Apply Today

Share your portfolio and a sample news report.

Real Estate Expert

Harness your expertise in real estate as an expert. Join us in providing valuable insights into the real estate market.


Analyze market trends and guide real estate projects.

Educational Qualifications

BA in Real Estate Management or equivalent.

Apply Now

Submit your resume along with a summary of your real estate experience.


Excel in sales as a salesman with our Marketing Company. Showcase your persuasive skills and contribute to the growth of our products.

Sales Responsibilities

Achieve sales targets and build client relationships.


Intermediate education.

Application Process

Submit your application with details of your sales achievements.

Marketing Staff

Join our dynamic marketing team and contribute to the success of our campaigns. We are seeking passionate individuals with a flair for creativity.


Support the execution of marketing strategies.


BBA or equivalent qualification.

Apply Today

Share your resume and a brief on your marketing contributions.

Social Media Expert

Shape our online presence as a Social Media Expert. Join us in creating engaging content and managing our social media platforms.


Develop and execute social media campaigns.


Bachelor’s degree in Social Media Marketing or related field.

Apply Now

Submit your application with a portfolio of your social media work.

Client Dealing Expert

Build strong client relationships as a Client Dealing Expert. Join us in ensuring client satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships.


Communicate effectively with clients and address their needs.


BA or equivalent qualification.

Application Process

Share your resume and a cover letter highlighting your client management skills.

Insurance Agent

Protect our clients and their interests as an Insurance Agent. Join us in offering insurance solutions tailored to their needs.


Sell insurance policies and provide guidance.


B.Com or equivalent qualification.

Apply Today

Submit your application with details of your insurance sales experience.

Sales Staff and Order Booker

Contribute to our sales success as part of our sales staff. Become an order booker and ensure seamless order processing.


Manage sales orders and book orders efficiently.


Intermediate education.

Apply Now

Share your resume and a summary of your experience in sales.

Educational Qualifications

Discover the educational qualifications required for various positions in our Marketing Company.


Positions such as Marketing Manager, Real Estate Marketing Officer, and Real Estate Expert require a Bachelor’s degree.


Sales staff and order booker positions require at least Matriculation.


Accounts Clerk positions necessitate a B.Com qualification.


Roles like Telephone Operator, Reporter, and Online Marketing Officer require Intermediate education.


For positions like Reporter, Real Estate Expert, and Client Dealing Expert, a BA degree is required.


Certain positions, such as Bike Rider, have a Middle school education requirement.


The role of Marketing Staff requires a BBA qualification.

For positions like Insurance Agent, an qualification is essential.

Application Deadline

Act quickly! The deadline for applying to Marketing Company jobs is December 2, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad. Visit our website for the complete ad and detailed application instructions.

Skills Preferred for Marketing Company Jobs

Enhance your chances of success by possessing skills in Telemarketing, Real Estate Management, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Sales. These skills can set you apart in the competitive job market.

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Q: How can I apply for Marketing Company jobs in Karachi?

A: Visit our website to find the complete ad and application instructions. Follow the specified process for each position.

Q: What educational qualifications are required for the Marketing Manager position?

A: The Marketing Manager position requires a BBA or MBA in Marketing.

Q: When is the deadline for applying to Marketing Company jobs?

A: The deadline for applying is December 2, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad.

Q: Can I apply for multiple positions?

A: Yes, you can apply for multiple positions based on your qualifications and interests.

Q: Are there specific skills preferred for Marketing Company jobs?

A: Yes, skills in Telemarketing, Real Estate Management, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Sales are preferred.


Explore the myriad opportunities offered by our Marketing Company in Karachi. Apply now and embark on a fulfilling career journey. We look forward to welcoming dynamic individuals who can contribute to our success.

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